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Bermudiana Flower
Bermudiana Flower

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Lost Seeds!

Life can surely be very serious at times, and sometimes a real struggle, but there are many times that something fun or funny happens and it is my intention to blog about those experiences.

In posting 'the funny side' of life, let me begin by mentioning that we started to plant a vegetable garden.  We take so long sometimes to do things.

We bought some packages of seeds months ago, before summer began.  We made a vegetable planter out of scrap wood about a month ago; we bought soil yesterday and decided today to plant the garden.  We filled the planter with soil and then went inside to look for the seeds.

Scrap Wood Vegetable Planter
You bet ya, we can't find the seeds we purchased months ago!  I remember putting them into a plastic zip lock bag.  They've been hanging around for months and I'm sure I've just tucked them away somewhere, and we don't have a lot of places to look, but we still can't find them.  I have no idea where I put them.

As we are finally in the momentum, during our search, we did find a few 'used' packages of seeds and out of desperation, we decided what the heck!  Let's just plant these anyhow and see what happens.  We have nothing to lose.  The half used packages have an expiration date of them 2014 (it's 2016) and rather than discard them, we may as well see what happens.

The seeds we had were for corn and carrots.  We planted these few remaining expired seeds in a third of the planter each.  We looked around and found some old potatoes and decided to plant these in the last section.  Waste not, want not, I say!  We will be extremely surprised if anything grows.  One never knows.  We'll water it (perhaps for nothing) and see if something pops up.  We will be so excited if we see something sprout up.  As far as the potatoes, we'll rummage around the soil in about a month to see if there is any growth activity as they grow in the ground and won't sprout up out of the soil.

Having done this, with continued enthusiasm, we picked up two round, empty plastic planters and put soil in them as well,  There were a dozen apple seeds drying out on top of my kitchen counter from a couple of apples I ate this past week, in the hopes to plant them one day just to see if something would grow.  I also had about 6 lemon seeds I saved this week, and I rummaged through the fridge and found a few scraggly green seedless grapes on a vine left that were slightly bruised, so I grabbed all three of them and we put these in the 2 planters - the apple and grapes together in the larger one, and the lemon seeds in the smaller one, then we topped them up with a couple inches of soil and watered them.

Our enthusiasm satisfied, we ended our 'planting' for the day.  Tomorrow, we'll pick up a couple packages of 'new' seeds and plant them in the garden we have, on the ground.  We don't know what's in season here, so we'll pick something accordingly and then we'll be ready to go.

We are going to make 2 more planters this week, we hope.  Then we'll be able to buy a few more seeds and plant four more different types of vegetables.

We tend to save the seeds from the fruit and vegetables we buy, so it is my hope in the future, that I can just throw those into a planter and see what evolves.  The more seeds I plant, the better my chances of a small home garden growing.  We are not experts, as you can tell, and any real gardener or farmer would probably cringe at the thought of what we've done and will do, but right now, it's a chance we take in trying to grow something until we become a bit more organized and a bit more knowledgeable about how to do it and when to do it.

For now, we have no expectations and will just enjoy the activity of trial and error. LOL


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